• Classic Chaps


    The perfect smooth cut chap for lessons and schooling, just zip on after tacking up and you're ready to go like a pro! Ideal work ware for professional trainers working several horses per day, switch out spurs in seconds as needed.

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    Dressage Chaps


    The perfect clean looking classic Dressage cut in a chap form, ideal for schooling and showing up to level 2. Ideal work ware for professional trainers working several horses per day, switch out spurs in seconds as needed.

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    Field Chaps

    The Field

    This iconic field boot cut instantly transforms paddock books into a classy classic show boot for Hunters and Jumpers. Choose external or internal calf pads, when you buy custom, the details are to your specification!

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    Tally Ho Chaps

    Tally Ho

    Transform paddock boots into professional Fox Hunting boots in just a few minutes! A great option for the occasional hunter, or those that have fitting issues with boots off the shelf. Choose internal or external calf pads, classic box calf leather or softer full grain.

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  • Paisley Chaps


    Western Dressage riders, combine this show stopping style with matching belt, brow band, hat belt or another accessory. Select colors and materials to work with a show costume, you decide when you have enough bling!

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    Fleur de Lis Chaps

    Fleur de Lis

    This elegant style with wrap around calf pad takes the Fleur de Lis to a whole new level! Choose a subtle all black tone, or make a personal statement with your own color and material combination. A very stylish way to personalize a dressage boot, or a colorful Jumper boot.

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    Paisley Dressage Chaps

    Paisley Dressage

    The Paisley style lends itself to any number of cuts, be it Dressage, Western or a Classic smooth cut. Riders love to create their own statement with their choice of materials, colors, jewels and positioning of them. It's a great style to play with and make very much your own.

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    Blue Paisley Dressage Chaps

    Paisley Dressage Blue

    This rider wanted to make a little more noise, so chose teal and silver for her statement colors, and a selection of jewel colors to reflect her personality. One very colorful and happy Dressage rider!

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  • Concho Chaps


    This unique style combines Western pullup leathers and fringe with a sleek English cut as well as a unique wrap around leather calf pad, which morphs itself into the pointed collar. A subtle style statement for trail riding, schooling, as well as Western Dressage or Jumper showing!

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    Classy Cowgirl Chaps

    The Classy Cowgirl

    The Fleur de Lis is infused with show stopping decadent Western detailing, including the scalloped calf pad, additional underlayment's and cutouts, the reflected Fleur de Lis on the collar, and the iconic Mule Ear on the outside topline! Wow!

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    Upland Hunter Chaps

    Upland Hunters

    These genuine Ostrich, waterproof, snake proof, brush proof hunting gaiters were commissioned for a Texas Hunting guide, where the need to be snake proof is essential. Three layers of leather thick, with removable custom-built knife holder and internal waterproof skirt, nothing gets by these bad boys!

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    Rainmaker Chaps


    This client has a keen appreciation for Native American artwork, wanted black, teal and silver colors, so we incorporated the Thunderbird as a focal detail, and bought the rain down from it! We also created a custom matching Rainmaker brow band for her paint horse! No more drought on her farm!

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Custom Made

Once you have experienced the benefits of custom made product, you will never want to go back! At The Impeccable Equerry, our clients needs and wishes are the absolute center of our focus.

Impeccable features and benefits we offer:

  • Product is custom fitted to you and only you - even with different size legs.
  • Custom designed - we listen and create designs uniquely for you.
  • DASH* system incorporated into all chaps – adjustable, exchangeable, reliable, no straps.
  • Three-layer calf pads – unprecedented protection for your legs.
  • Top quality leathers throughout – no synthetics, breathable and ultimately comfortable.
  • Longer wear and durability, follow up maintenance and personal customer service.
  • Special needs – add additional support, splints, post-surgery…. We want to help you!
  • Lovingly hand crafted in the USA, one pair at a time.

We stock a broad selection of materials from which to choose for the outer layers, as well as a choice of linings. Our stiffeners are also leather, so the product moves and molds to you precisely.

If Exotics are your taste, they are easily sourced and quickly delivered. Lets talk about it!

To get started, we need 12 measurements from each leg. Click HERE for instructions on how to measure, and start the discussion with us.

To Replace the Spur

Simply insert the spur ends into the side pockets, push the spur neck down through the strap, and close the snap. Ready to go!

To Release the Spur

Simply undo the snap and pull the strap down, the neck will release, and the spur ends pull out. Easy!

Zip and Snap

We use only YKK zippers, for smooth closure and easy maintenance. The zipper tops are beautifully concealed behind the snap closure.

Nice Curves!

We shape our YKK zippers to curve beautifully around the contours of the calves, creating a smoother shape, and an easy glide.